Yoga Every Day for a Month: Challenge Failed

Yoga Every Day for a Month: Challenged Failed

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I’m Gonna be Honest Up Front…I Didn’t Do the Yoga

We’ve gotta get it out of the way. I was supposed to do Yoga every day for a month. And I didn’t. I didn’t even do it once. And the results aren’t great. I could give plenty of excuses.

  • I moved
  • I’m not used to doing Yoga regularly
  • I don’t have space or money to do it at my house or at a gym
  • And on and on, blah blah blah.

No excuse is really great. So basically, I’m a pile of poop and it’s already biting me in the butt as a result.

yogafailed 200x300 - Yoga Every Day for a Month: Challenge Failed

The Month Was Supposed to go so Well

This was the first physical challenge I’ve done since starting the series. I was hoping for a lot of positive results:

  • I’d lose 5 (or 20) pounds
  • I would be a little more flexible and my back would straighten out
  • I’d have a clear mind and be more productive
  • I’d be all mellow and stuff

Needless to say, none of those things happened.

Here’s What Actually Happened

JuneJulyWeight 300x141 - Yoga Every Day for a Month: Challenge Failed

  • My weight went up
  • Measurements went up
  • BMI and Body Fat went up

This is mostly the immediate effect of the end of the fasting series, rather than the lack of exercise through yoga. I went back from only eating 6 hours of the day to no time constraint at all. More room to eat means more eating, and therefore, some weight gain. Conclusion? I should probably limit my eating window again.

All is not Lost

The result was a disappointment, but I still learned something! The intermittent fasting had had an effect. In addition, another cause of the gains might be related to my checking my weight with less frequency. I had been weighing myself every morning up until this last month. Being conscious of yourself can play a huge part in working toward goals. I wasn’t conscious, so out of sight, out of mind. I should probably go back to what was working.

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Not getting discouraged when you don’t meet a goal is another big lesson here. Halfway through July, I was kicking myself for not doing the yoga. I could’ve just gotten up and done it. There’s no use in wallowing in the regret. Tomorrow’s always a new day. If you want to do something, sometimes you need to stop planning and start doing. No excuses!

Status of Other Challenges

While I’m not actively sticking to the previous challenges I’ve done, they’re still present in my mind and habits.

I get in about three Liters of water every day on average. Just under a gallon.
I’ve been drinking an average of one soda a week, pretty much only when I eat out.
I put coconut oil in the smoothies I make about twice a week.
I try to wait about an hour after I wake up to eat, stop eating an hour before I go to bed, and if I think I’m hungry, I get a few sips of water first before deciding to eat anything. But clearly that’s not cutting it.

New Month, New Challenge

Now that July is over with, it’s time to start fresh. I’m going to put the yoga thing on hold for a while. August is all about going meatless! After watching What the Health on Netflix, I’ve officially been pushed over the diet edge and I’m phasing animal products out of my routine. We’re starting with meat. Want to join me? Here’s how you can:

  • Throw out all of the meat in your house. Or binge it. I’m not judging.
  • Get some meal plan ideas from health blogs like Forks Over Knives.
  • Find a friend to join you. Groups help with accountability!
  • Track your results and share when I post my update!

That’s it For Now

Are you joining the challenge? What goals are you working on? Have you skipped a day on a goal you had? What did you do? Share your story below!

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  • Ellen

    I don’t think I could do meatless for 30 days, but I am on day 15 of getting 10,000 steps a day! Personal challenges are good, even when we don’t hit the goal.

    Reply to Ellen
    • Kelsey

      I’ll be honest with you, Ellen, it’s been hard! I actually had meat two different times this month. It was in very small amounts (slice of pizza, handful of pizza rolls), but I felt pretty down about it because I failed my goal that day. It wasn’t as bad as how much yoga I missed, but it didn’t feel great. It’s all a matter of mindset. Since then, I’ve just had to tell myself that I can’t have it, and it’s probably not that great for me. Dairy is next on my phase-out list, and I think it’s going to be much harder!

      Congrats on how far you’ve come on your challenge! Maybe after 30 days in a row you can bump it up to 15,000! That’s what I did when I had a step tracker, looking forward to doing it again when I get a new one!

      Thanks for reading 🙂

      Reply to Kelsey

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