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A Game at Wrigley

A Game at Wrigley Field

Last week, I scored some free tickets to a Cub’s game at Wrigley Field, more on that story coming up! I’ve seen them play the Cardinals over in St. Louis, but have never been to the historical stadium in Chicago, only passed by it!

A super cool thing about the stadium is that it’s smack dab in the middle of the neighborhood. Other places, fields are a good distance away from everything, surrounded by huge parking lots. Wrigley, while building hotel and parking complexes nearby, is surrounded by apartment buildings, restaurants, and public transit. You could literally walk right up to the entrance from anywhere.

Another fun fact is the manual scoreboard they feature! If you watched the last season of The Amazing Race, you saw the finale that was all over the city and had a challenge that utilized the board. It’s mainly for other teams, but apparently, it’s a rare thing these days! (BTW, if you wanted more of the winner, Scott Flanary, check out his podcast- Not According to Plan!)

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A Game at Wrigley Field


Fun Times!

A Game at Wrigley Field


It’s definitely cool to be a part of such a historical, unique place. But the best part was watching a good game of baseball! I was in the middle of a Cubs fan, my friend Sarah, and a Cardinals fan, my brother Justin. The Cubs weren’t even playing the Cards, they were playing the Mets, but that doesn’t change his opinion! He cheered when they slipped, and Sarah cheered when they scored. Me? I just like a good game! I grew up in St. Louis, but I don’t have any personal connection to the Mets, so I wanted to see a familial team win!

The seats were pretty good. Upper outfield box. Not super close to everything, but not nosebleeds either. You’ve also got the option of the rooftop bleachers, a benefit of the stadium in the middle of a neighborhood. Different apartment buildings all have bleachers on their roofs and sell tickets. We had a pretty good view of everything from where we were, and I got to check out the inside of the stadium!

Justin headed home around the 4th inning, and they were tied 2 to 2. Right as he left, though, the Cubs scored 3 runs! It was only uphill from there. They ended up winning 17 to 5! There were some pretty intense plays, popups that got missed, outfield hits on full bases. Very exciting! We started heading out at the top of the 9th, knowing it was pretty much in the bag. And we weren’t but one flight of stairs down before the 3rd out happened and the game was over. We walked out singing Go Cubs Go with everyone as they poured outside.

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A Game at Wrigley Field

Great Environment

Sorry in advance for the dark photos, it was a night game!

The Cubs fans in town are unlike any other team supporters I’ve seen before. W flags fly everywhere year around. And once you get around Wrigleyville, it’s multiplied. Everything is Cubs, the restaurants, the shops, everything. There’s especially the famous Taco Bell across the street. They sell their parking on game days, good luck getting through the drive-through in the crowded streets anyway. The cool thing about this Taco Bell is the Cubs hat hanging on top their sign. It’s hard to tell from the photos, but it’s neat. I heard somewhere that a bunch of people took it down and paraded it after the World Series win, but I never saw proof. I also heard that the store is closing, which would be disappointing if true.

They’re building a bunch of complexes nearby, like a hotel and I think a parking garage, but I don’t think it’ll change the environment at all. Definitely a place to check out if you’re in the area!

A Game at Wrigley Field

Check it Out!

Have you ever been to Wrigley Stadium? Share your experience below! Planning a visit to Chicago? Make sure it’s on the itinerary!


A Game at Wrigley Field


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