DIY Pacifier Clip-March Craft

DIY Pacifier Clip: March Craft

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You may not know this about me, but I recently became an aunt to twins! They don’t live very close, so I’m not able to see them as much as I’d like. So I spend a lot of time thinking of ways to spoil them to make up for it! I found out that the specific pacifier brand they use isn’t very well matched with paci clips that you can buy. So I thought I’d try making some for the kiddos!

Total time: about 1 hour

Materials You’ll Need

Photo Mar 08 12 41 14 PM 300x225 - DIY Pacifier Clip-March Craft

  • Ribbon, or some sort of long, sturdy fabric that can be worked with. I recommend it be wider than whatever you use to secure it, like Velcro or snaps.
  • Suspender clips or sew on snaps. I did clips.
  • Velcro (If you go with clips).
  • Fabric glue (unless the Velcro is iron-on or has adhesive on it already)
  • Needle (if you do snaps and/or hand sew the Velcro to the ribbon)
  • Sewing machine (recommended)
  • Thread to match your ribbon or fabric
  • Scissors
  • Ruler (optional)
  • Pacifiers
  • String (optional, for a different way to make the clips)

Pacifier Clip Directions

pacisteps1 7 169x300 - DIY Pacifier Clip-March Craft

I made 4 clips for this project, 2 for each child.

First, I cut the ribbons out at around 11″ and then ironed them flat (1).

I folded each end of each ribbon twice, and ironed that flat (2 & 3).

Next, I cut 8 small pieces out of each side of Velcro (4 & 5).

Using the glue, I adhered the paired Velcro pieces to each end of the ribbon (6 & 7). They also make Velcro that you can secure to the fabric via iron, or the adhesive may already be on it instead of glue. It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s just helpful to keep them secure until you sew them down.

For the next step, I used a sewing machine, but it can also be hand-sewn if you’re into that. I sewed all of the Velcro down in a square to the ribbons. This keeps them from being pulled off as easily, especially if you plan on using the clips often.

pacilaststeps 169x300 - DIY Pacifier Clip-March Craft

Other options I didn’t do, but could be done: instead of the Velcro, you can hand-sew snaps to each end. It might be useful if your child learns to pull the clip open, or if you don’t have a sewing machine and find hand-sewing snaps easier. You can also take string, make it into a loop, and sew it to one end of each ribbon instead of the Velcro, and loop it through. That’s good for pacifiers that don’t have handles.


That’s It!


DIY Pacifier Clip: March Craft

The sewing may be shoddy, but I don’t claim to be a professional. This is perfect, though, if you like to coordinate your outfits and can’t find anything good at the store. Try it out for yourself, and let me know how it goes!

Bonus: A 2nd Way to Clip!

2017 03 21 10.08.16 e1491320763623 225x300 - DIY Pacifier Clip-March Craft

I didn’t get this done until after the post published (lazy), but here’s a second way to make the clips if your paci doesn’t have a little handle to loop through.

So this is pretty easy. Instead of doing Velcro on one of the sides of the ribbon, I took a tied piece of string and sewed it into the folded piece of ribbon. This way, you can loop the string through the whole in the pacifier, and then pull the rest of the clip through. There you have it!

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DIY Pacifier Clip: March Craft


  • Jen

    Too cute! My lo never took a pacifier, but I’m hoping for a sibling so this may come in handy!

    Reply to Jen
    • Kelsey

      Glad to hear it! I went through something similar. By the time I got them their pacifier clips, my niece and nephew apparently stopped using them as much!

      Reply to Kelsey

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