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2017 is just around the corner and lots of people are hoping to turn over a new leaf. I’m no exception! I want this to be my best year ever. Here are the main goals on my new year resolution list.

Resolution 1: Eat Healthier

I’ve gotten in such a habit of grabbing fast food on my way somewhere because it’s-duh-fast! I know it’s much better for me to prep some meals and snacks in advance so I’m always prepared. This year I want to cut back on eating out and pay more attention to what I put in my body.

Resolution 2: Exercise More

My New Year Resolution List

Being healthy isn’t all about food, I’ve gotta build some muscle, too! There was a time when I ran every day, my long runs were as much as 8 miles. Once the routine was broken, though, it became so much easier to just skip the running and working out altogether. I want to get back out there again!

Resolution 3: Get Out of Debt

I was lucky to avoid having a large amount of student loans to pay, but not smart about avoiding credit card debt! Having a positive cash flow and getting all debts paid provides a huge peace of mind and allows you to have more money to spend on other things, or just save! That’s a huge goal for me this year.


Resolution 4: De-clutter

I live in the city, where people typically pay more money for smaller spaces, so I have a lot of stuff to fit in a smaller living space! I’m a nostalgic pack rat and I try to find a need for every empty jar or container. It all just needs to go! I’d love a clean space where I know where everything is.

Resolution 5: Establish a Routine

I don’t have a set work schedule. This is awesome because I don’t have to stress about being late or getting off work when I need it. The downfall is I only answer to myself, which can be dangerous. It’s easy to blow things off when there’s no immediacy to actually do anything. Life is much more productive when you have a plan for it. Of course, variances from routine provide nice breaks and new inspirations, but you have to establish the habit before you can break it!

What About You?

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What are some of your resolutions for the new year? Team up with someone to help you reach your goals! Follow me and join in on my journey of self improvement and new beginnings!


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