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It’s an exciting time of the year all around the world, everyone is wrapping up the holiday season and getting ready for 2017! There are so many different ways to celebrate this turn of a new leaf, from visiting big cities in every time zone, to bar hopping around their town, to enjoying the festivities from the comfort of their own homes. Here are some tips to stay safe while you bring in the new year!


Whether you’re going to the Big Apple to watch the ball drop or you’re visiting another big city celebration, make sure you have a plan set up! Many hotels are booked solid or have crazy rates, try AirBNB if you don’t have a place set up yet or your reservation falls through.

Not sure which city to visit? New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New Orleans always have huge celebrations!


Out on the Town

Some of my favorite New Year’s Eve memories have been spent pub crawling with my friends out on the town! Head over to your favorite bar or look up local events in your town where you can toast to new beginnings with your friends.

Home Sweet Home

While I enjoy a good night on the town, my favorite way to spend New Year’s Eve is from the comfort of my own home with close friends and family. The food and drinks are cheaper, I can get up close and personal watching the celebrations from all over the world on my TV, and I don’t have to freeze my butt off getting from one place to another! Grab snacks at the store, pull out the karaoke machine, and rock in the new year!

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No Matter What, Stay Safe!

Whatever you choose to do this New Year’s Eve, make it to New Year’s Day! Here are some tips on celebrating safely:

Dress Warm!

It’s December, people! For half the world, it’s going to be freezing. That little shiny dress you pulled out may be super cute, but it’s not worth the frostbite! Wear something that you can pull off with some fleece-lined leggings.

Get Where You’re Going in One Piece

Chances are there won’t be any parking where you’re going anyway, so please don’t drive and risk hurting yourself. If you’re in a big city, there are probably deals on the 31st for public transportation to make not driving worth your while. Use Uber or Lyft and save your heels the pain.

New to Uber and Lyft? Use these codes for discounts off your first rides!

Lyft-use the code GETTHATBAGEL for up to $50 off your first ride.

Uber-use the code KELSEYN252UE for up to $20 off your first ride.

Prepare Yourself if You’re Going All Out

We all get a little carried away sometimes. Try to fill up on food to soak up whatever you drink, and drink one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you have. Trust me, it’ll help you the next morning.

Don’t want to drink but still want to party? Grab some non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice at the store. It’s practically the same, at least in my opinion.

Help Yourself Out the Next Morning

Make plans with your friends for some ‘hair of the dog’ bloody marys at brunch. Get some ingredients for a big breakfast at home. Whatever you do, eat to recover, you’ll need the strength for a fresh start in 2017!

Don’t want to cook or leave the house? Try postmates and have breakfast delivered to your door. Use the code KNAGEL for up to $10 off your first delivery.

See You Around the Bend!

What are your plans for celebrating the end of the year? I’m sure whatever you do, it’ll be fun and hopefully safe. I can’t wait to see you all in the new year!


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