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Meat: The Terrifying New Villain

Meat is a huge part of our diets. If you grew up in a family like mine, it was essential. How else do you get protein? Chicken, bacon, steak, and many other delicious, juicy types of meat were a common feature in my meals. That’s how you stay healthy, right?

Wrong, apparently. As of lately, it’s been featured news that meat and dairy are actually huge factors in causing diabetes, high cholesterol, and other health issues. Watch a documentary like What the Health on Netflix, and you’ll discovery a conspiracy theory of healthcare industries recommending these items in your diet, knowing they’re bad for you because their sponsors are the very businesses that profit from meat and dairy.

Enter a Meat Free Month

What Happened When I Gave Up Meat for a Month

After watching all of this and encountering vegans who have experienced the reverse of some health issues they thought were permanent, I decided to start phasing these things out of my diet. Images of masses of dead animals on farms are a pretty effective encouragement, too.

I plan to eventually go fully vegan. Or at least plant-based in my diet, I am not particular about other products like clothing. It’s been really hard, I cheated like 3 times, but I think it was a success!

The Results

Nothing noticeably changed. My weight and measurements stayed pretty much the same as last month. My blood pressure and cholesterol have always been good, so I can really only measure changes in measurements and mood. I didn’t notice anything different.

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One good thing that’s always a factor is the likelihood of food poisoning decreased. It’s hard to improperly cook fruits, veggies, and bread. I didn’t have to worry about undercooking chicken.

The problem probably lies in that I overcompensated the absence in my diet with more dairy. I made grilled cheese constantly. I don’t know how I’ll manage to phase out cheese, it’s much more addictive for me.

The Rules and How I Broke Them

The idea was to not buy or eat meat in any capacity. I cheated at times when food was bought or prepared for me. I ate some meat lovers pizza rolls, as well as a slice of meat lovers Chicago style pizza. These slips made me feel a little guilty, but it’s hard to turn down free!

From now on, the general rule is to never buy it myself, but if someone gets it for me, I won’t turn it down. Plus, my friend Grace, creator of Simple Nutritious Life explained in a post that meat is often the healthiest item on the menu when eating out. I can use it as a rare, monthly treat. Everything in moderation!

What Now?

I’ve had meat about once a week since the challenge ended. I’m still working on phasing it out more, as well as dairy. In the meantime, I’m taking another stab at yoga in September! Join in and do some yoga every day, and share your results!

Have you taken meat out of your diet? How has that impacted your body and lifestyle? Share your story below!

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