May 2017 Traffic and Income Report on Get That Bagel

May 2017 Traffic and Income Report on Get That Bagel

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Slowly Rolling Along

Welcome to my third income report! I started this series to keep the posts coming and track my progress for my personal growth and inspiration for others. Things are pretty close to last month, but slowly growing. If you ask me, I think anything is great!

Lucky for you, I figured out Google Analytics. So prepare yourself for more graphics to prove the numbers I claim! Bring on the charts!

Traffic and Social Media Stats

Something to note: my traffic went down this month, but earnings actually increased, as you’ll read soon. I got quite a few clicks on my ads on my Dollar Shave Club Review, and my Networking post. Just goes to show that page views aren’t the whole kit and caboodle!

Audience Overview Analytics - May 2017 Traffic and Income Report on Get That Bagel

Last Month

2597 (50/day)












This Month

1408 (46/day)

























Average Growth Overall: 4%

NEW: Since getting Google Analytics instead of using the plugin’s stats, I have a new, more accurate (I think) account for page views (traffic). May showed that I actually had 849 page views. I’ll be using this measurement instead for future reports.


Top Posts and Pages

May Top 5

  1. Alphabetical Subscription Directory: 760 views
  2. Dollar Shave Club Review: 76 views
  3. Five Ways to Network and Grow Your Business: 67 views
  4. 8 Father’s Day Gifts to Show Dad You Care: 51 views
  5. April 2017 Traffic and Income Report and Stats: 43 views

All Time Top 5

  1. Alphabetical Subscription Directory: 10,820 views
  2. Subscription Directory: 335 views
  3. Singles Swag Subscription Box Review: 260 views
  4. I Did the Gallon Challenge for a Month and Here’s What Happened!: 229 views
  5. I Gave up Calorie Filled Drinks for a Month and Here’s What Happened!: 211 views

The Alphabetical version of that directory will probably remain at the top of these lists forever.

mayincome - May 2017 Traffic and Income Report on Get That BagelIncome Report

I beat my goal for the month by just under $1, and earned $5.98!

That is all from Google Adsense, friends. I am close to the end of my Amazon Affiliate 6 month window, and am going to have to reapply because I haven’t made any sales. Thanks, Amazon! Gosh…

Anyway, I’m really excited about the $6, it’s still chillin out in my Adsense account. So far I’ve earned a total of $19, and I’m just letting it sit there as a little cushion of money until the steady income grows.

Goal Evaluation

As just discussed, I surpassed my financial goal and earned $0.98 more than I hoped to get. YES!
Traffic: goal last month was 4100 views, and I got about halfway there. NOPE.
Email List: goal was 20 (54% growth), I reached 15 (8%). NOPE.
Pinterest: I had a goal of 650 followers (26%), I got to 522 (15%). NOPE.
Facebook: my goal was 350 (35%), I reached 243 (7%). NOPE.
Twitter: goal was 200 (14%), I got to 177 (1%). NOPE.
Instagram: I had a goal of 125 followers (16% growth), and I have 108 (-2%). DEFINITELY NOT.

I’m still figuring out what goals are realistic for stat growth, so I’m not that surprised that I didn’t make those goals. Any growth is good, really. I also didn’t try that hard anyway, because I’d say I’m still in the planning phase of my business process, even though I’ve already gone active for everything.

Any growth is good. Click To Tweet

New Goals for June

This month, I found I had an overall growth rate of 4% for all social media and traffic followings. Next month, I’m going to try for overall growth of 5%. But more specifically:

Earnings: $9
Traffic: 900. This is considering the new way it’s being measured.
Mailing List: 20 (33%)
Pinterest: 675 (29%)
Facebook: 335 (37%)
Twitter: 190 (7%)
Instagram: 115 (8%)

I got these numbers by finding out what the average growth rate has been for each.

How do I plan to achieve these goals? Well, I’ve added a new Chicago based series that hopefully people will enjoy. Check that out on the 25th. Also, I’m pinning more pins every day, commenting on an additional post every day, and participating in an additional Facebook blogging group every day. Hopefully that makes a difference. If it does, I’ll continue upping that daily social media involvement every month.

Plus! I’ve joined CJ Affiliate and Share a Sale. You may notice some changes in linkage because of the new programs, and hopefully that helps meet financial goals as well!

You can also help me reach these goals by following any of the links in this post, joining the newsletter, checking out other posts, and sharing with friends!

What are Your Goals for the Month?

Comment below and share what you want to accomplish in June. Let’s help each other get there!

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  • Davi

    Congrats on your income! I’ve just installed Google Adsense, but there is no way I’d make $6 this month! It looks like we have a similar traffic rate so I’d love some tips on your Google Adsense strategy and where you are placing your ads for max exposure.

    Reply to Davi
    • Kelsey

      Hey Davi, thanks! I turned off their smart-ad thing and make my own responsive ads now. I have one in the sidebar and one in the footer always, and use the allotted third to put one in each blog post (toward the top), if that helps. I’d say I’ve gotten about 3 ad clicks over the span of a month, coming from my Dollar Shave Club and Networking posts. Otherwise, I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing to get what I get.

      Reply to Kelsey
  • Desteny

    Congrats on the increase of income!
    Couple things I’d like to say:
    I don’t know if it’s just my phone, but it’s hard to read your stats comparing last month to this month on my android. Definitely make sure you’re checking your posts on mobile, too! Even seasoned bloggers have weird things happen on their posts from time to time that make mobile viewing weird.
    I’m not sure how serious you are about growing Twitter, it isn’t a huge source of traffic for me so I’ve put that on the back burner for now and I’m focusing on Pinterest. But at one point I did take it more seriously and I found a way to gain followers more quickly. It’s a bit time consuming, but if you spend about 20 mins a day finding and following other people in your niche (for me it was moms and finance people) a lot of the time they will follow you back. Even I do it now. About once a week I’ll take a look at my new followers and follow those who fall into my niche.
    I almost failed at meeting the 6 month Amazon deadline but saved myself by creating a couple gift round ups. Helped that it was right before Christmas, but any seasonal round up might help you. Like maybe something related to summer activities, summer cooking, summer birthdays.
    Just some thoughts. Good luck!

    Reply to Desteny
    • Kelsey

      Hi Desteny, thanks so much for your feedback! I’m also slowly sifting through other articles and to-do lists as I go, adding a little bit at a time. There’s definitely growth, albeit small. I appreciate the tips, and your reading!

      Reply to Kelsey

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