July 2017 Income and Statistics Report

July 17 Income and Stats Report

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A New Month, a New Report

I’ve been tracking my income and blog growth every month if you haven’t been keeping up. I am very happy to report more growth, as has been the pattern so far! Here’s to another 30(ish) days of efficiency, growth, and reaching goals.

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I also decided to add a few new sections. I’ll be reporting on the income I’ve earned from other sources, such as my dog walking gig. I know, I said I hated that people did that-what I MEAN is: I hate when people PROMOTE thousands of dollars from blogging when it’s really from other sources. I’m going to make different graphics to promote my blog income, other online income, as well as my employed and self-employed income. Why would I do this, you ask? A couple of reasons: it’s another thing to track progress for, and it can be motivational in its own way! I remember sifting through Pinterest trying to find ways to make ends meet on my own terms. Maybe someone will find what they’re looking for if I do this.

Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get to the numbers!

Traffic and Social Media


Audience Overview Analytics - July 2017 Income and Statistics Report


July Analytics 1024x470 - July 2017 Income and Statistics Report

As you can see by the graphics above and below, students, there was a clear growth from June to July. Sessions doubled, more new visitors, the bounce rate went down. It’s been really exciting! The most apparent change has been the almost doubling of traffic, measured in page views.

What did I do differently? I added a new 100% reciprocation Facebook group to my daily social media promotion checklist. Some bloggers are against the 100% reciprocation groups because it’s not generating organic or genuine statistics, but I only participate in the click through and Stumbleupon threads. This is purely to jumpstart traffic and ranking. I don’t plan to do any Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc threads anymore (I did in like January), because not only is that disingenuine stats for me, I’m also sharing content that I don’t particularly care about with you all. It just muds the waters.

I’ve also been trying to wake up earlier to get some of those remedial tasks done before I start my day, but that’s more of a personal than professional development.

Another new development has been my getting a Tailwind and Boardbooster account. Now I get to schedule pins when I feel like it, instead of making time every day to make sure I meet my pin goal. With Boardbooster, I can loop pins so I can help promote content.

JulyStats 1024x934 - July 2017 Income and Statistics Report

Top Posts and Pages

My alphabetical subscription box directory is still going strong, after a viral Stumbleupon happenstance. What was really surprising was the popularity of my post on the uses of coconut oil. It’s only been out less than a month and has already gotten one of the most views of any other posts! Perhaps I should look into more wellness posts that discuss the benefits of different things.

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Income Report


Google Adsense: $25.75
MediaNet: $0.74
Amazon Affiliates: $8.80

Total: $35.29

Self Employment

Wag! Dog Walking: $306, 19 walks ($16.11/walk)
Big Orange Productions: $150, 2 events ($75/event)
Postmates: $22.78, 3 deliveries ($7.59/delivery)
Film Projects: $10, 1 project
Lending Club Investments: $18 (I can’t tell how much is from my initial investment and how much is from interest)

Total: $506.78


LaSalle & Associates Temp Agency: $422.22, 40.5 hours ($10.42/hour, after income tax)

Total: $422.22

Grand July Total



The exciting thing is now I have about $60 chilling out in my Google Adsense account, I’m waiting until I have at least $100 coming in each month before I start cashing that in.


Just for the blog, because this ain’t no budgeting session:

Tailwind: $105 (rounded up) for a 12-month subscription

Goal Evaluation

I beat my $14 income goal: Yes!
Traffic (goal 2400, 47%): 2662, 63% Yes!
Email List (20, 25%): 17, 6% No
Pinterest (700, 23%): 606, 7% No
Facebook (325, 29%): 254, 0.8% No
Twitter (185, 7%): 170, -2% NOPE
Instagram (120, 8%): 116, 5% Close but No
Overall growth (12%): 8% No

I’m still only meeting my traffic and income goals (which are my main goals, so I’m not complaining). I think I’m getting pretty close to formulating more realistic goals for social media.

image 8363783 12538338 - July 2017 Income and Statistics Report

August Goals

I find these numbers every month by taking the averages over past reports and extrapolating from there.

Income: $40
Traffic: 3300 (23%)
Email List: 20 (17%)
Pinterest: 725 (19%)
Facebook: 300 (18%)
Twitter: 175 (3%)
Instagram: 125 (8%)
Overall growth: 7%

I plan to reach my goals by adding another Facebook thread to my daily to dos. Also, I want to comment more on other blogs that I’m into. I had to cut back on commenting because it was one of those things I always ended up putting off until never.

I’m really focusing on becoming an expert and autopiloting my Pinterest, so that’s going to have more focus before I start working the other social platforms. It’s working so far!

You can always help too by following me on any platform and sharing the love!

Share Your Goals!

Do you have any goals for August? Whether it’s blog related or personal, share your goals below. I’ll help if I can!

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  • Laurie Girl & Tonic

    I love reading income & traffic reports – great to see how your blog has grown!

    Reply to Laurie Girl & Tonic
    • Kelsey

      Thank you so much! It’s small increments, but so exciting! I probably waste otherwise productive time checking my Adsense account to see if any new clicks hiked up my balance. But it’s so fun!

      Reply to Kelsey
  • Karyl | Karyl’s Kulinary Krusade

    This is such a great idea! I need to start tracking all of my monthly stats, but more importantly I need to make and track monthly goals. I like that you use goals that aren’t outrageous, rather a stretch but attainable with hard work. I think that’s what will work best for me too.

    Reply to Karyl | Karyl's Kulinary Krusade
    • Kelsey

      Thanks so much Karyl! I’ve been anxious about my goal setting, so it’s nice to hear that they don’t seem too insane. Best of luck with your own goal setting and achieving!

      Reply to Kelsey

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