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Intermittent Fasting: A 3-Part, 3-Month Challenge!

Like always, I’ve tried out a new challenge as a way to reach health goals while tracking what has the biggest results. During the month of April, I started intermittent fasting. There are a handful of different ways to do fasting this way. The one I chose was for beginners, where you only eat between 6 to 8 hours a day.

That’s where the 3 parts come in. I did an 8 hour eating window in April, and I’ll narrow that down to 6 hours over the next two months, to see if the small change makes any difference to the habit. So we shall see how that works!


Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

The main goal of this is weight loss, but this is an effect of the fasting in a few different ways.

  1. Cutting out snacking-When I’m bored, I’ll get up and see what’s in the kitchen. By cutting out hours during which I’m allowed eat, I cut out a lot of mindless eating.
  2. More time to work off calories-By fitting all of my meals in a specific window of time, I have a whole 16 hours of pure metabolism working it all off.
  3. Make the best of the limitation-This is something I haven’t quite accomplished yet. The idea of only having so much time to get your meals in could encourage healthier eating. You can’t make yourself hungrier and eat more to fit everything into that 8 hours, so you’ve got to fill your stomach with some good nourishment.

Now I’m not a medical health professional. But this is what I’ve found from personal interweb searches and experience. You may want to consult a physician if you have questions about this, your health, or trying it out.

By fitting all of my meals in a specific window of time, I have a whole 16 hours of pure… Click To Tweet











Body Fat



165.6 lbs

33 in

6.25 in

44.75 in

13 in

10.75 in

27.25 in




165.4 lbs

32.5 in

6.125 in

44 in

12.75 in

10.625 in

26.75 in



It was all VERY incremental, but there were a lot of changes! I’m happy with any change, however little, as long as it doesn’t increase.


I didn’t notice many changes as a result of this challenge. My energy has actually been in decline, which may be a result. I don’t know if fatigue can result from hunger, it probably can. The window I gave myself was 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. I’d find myself staring at the clock around 11:45 and feeling hungry around the time I went to bed and right when I woke up in the morning. I could satisfy this by drinking water.

I also found that I wanted to stuff myself with food as the window came to a close to make up for any evening hunger, which probably isn’t a good idea. You should really only eat when you’re hungry.

I’m looking forward to the next two months, especially now that I’ve gotten used to the habit and it did have a bit of a positive result.

fast8hr - Intermittent Fasting Part 1: 8 Hour Eating Window

What About Previous Challenges?

I’m still trying to get at least two liters of water each day, but not necessarily a gallon.

Any time I drink tea, and while waiting to eat during fasting, I’d put coconut oil in with my hot tea. I’m doing that about three times each week.

The soda and calorie-filled drinks went to poop pretty much the day the challenge was over. I regret that and need to do the challenge again, maybe for two months next time.

The important thing is developing healthy habits for a better lifestyle. If you ever try one of these out, it’s okay if you slip one day, just pick back up the next day! We are all human.

Your Turn!

Do you want to try this challenge out? Have you been doing any of the other challenges? Share your results below and join in on the conversation!

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