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Grimm Reflections-Continuing the Web Series

I started sharing recent camera work I’ve done, to connect my performance career with this lovely side hustle. Last month, I published a post that included the first 5 episodes of Grimm Reflections. If you watched those episodes, you’ve learned about Snow’s character, and you’ve gotten a taste of my girl, Gwen. If you enjoyed those, you’re in for a treat, because this is all about the next 4 installments!

Episode 6

At this point, it’s pretty clear that a ball is going on, Snow is all about it, and Gwen isn’t. This episode is a retelling of the festivities from Snow’s perspective. You don’t get to see anything out of this room, because the story is told through the lens of the mirror, which isn’t ever moved.

Episode 7

And now you get to hear about the masquerade from Gwen. Clearly these are two wildly different experiences. Plus, more about this prince that everyone is talking about. Also, puns.

Episode 8

In this episode, you learn a little bit more about how Gwen feels about everyone around her, and how others see her.

Episode 9

Finally, we get to see the sisters together for the first time, instead of diary entry-looks. They don’t exaggerate in their opinions about each other.

Episode 10

Back to some one on one time with the mirror. You learn a little bit about what life was like before Gwen and Snow became step-sisters.

About Filming

I personally felt throughout filming that I was getting more comfortable with each episode, and I could see it when I watched, too. At this point, we were caught up on pre-written episodes, so the team started writing episodes with the actors in their heads. Gwen and I started to kind of mesh together, so everything started becoming a little more natural, and I got to be a part of the creative process even more-which I am all about.

It was also a blast working with Madelynn. In the beginning, our call times were staggered so I’d be getting into costume while she did some of her episodes (we filmed multiple at once), and she’d be getting out of costume while I did mine. So we watched each other work, which was useful for forming better ideas about each other’s character, but we weren’t playing together. Enter episode 9, and it started to come together. You get some of The Office vibes since the audience is in on everything, and we’re in the moment instead of recollecting stuff.

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The only new difficulty with two people in an episode was moving around the space. All you see is all we had. There was that huge wooden table, and about a foot of space to the left and right to move from in front of it to behind it. There is maybe an inch of space on either side past what you see on screen, and then it was just a normal bedroom. So manoeuvring was a fun challenge!grimm2 - Grimm Reflections Web Series: Episodes 6 Thru 10

Want More?

There will be another set of Grimm Reflections episodes and commentary in a post next month. But if that’s not soon enough, you can watch more episodes here!

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