Grimm Reflections Web Series: Episodes 21-25

Grimm Reflections Episodes 21-25

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We’re about halfway through the Grimm Reflections series, there are like 40 episodes total! If you want to catch up from the start, you can find the first round of episodes here. Last month, you were introduced to a new character, played by a good friend of mine. Press on for more Grimm fun!

grimm21 25 - Grimm Reflections Web Series: Episodes 21-25

Episode 21

The Huntsman walks in on a very private conversation between Gwen and herself. Also gettin punny up in here.

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Episode 22

Episode 23

In this episode, you get a one-on-one with The Huntsman!

Episode 24

Snow and The Huntsman meeting for the first time.

Want more of Michael Reiser? Check out his stuff here!

image 8363783 11958303 - Grimm Reflections Web Series: Episodes 21-25
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Episode 25

More Grimm Reflections to Come!

Hope you’re enjoying the series! I certainly had a blast working on it, and it brings back fond memories. I don’t have a lot of behind the scenes scoops, other than a specific memory of Chips Ahoy cookies being provided at the hair and makeup table. Really, I am super proud of this project, and I hope it comes across! Want more episodes before next month? Check out more of the series here!

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  • Johnny McDreamer

    I get into a lot of interesting conversations just because I watch a lot of shows!

    Reply to Johnny McDreamer
    • Kelsey

      I do as well, it’s a great way to connect with people! Thanks, Johnny!

      Reply to Kelsey
  • GiGi Eats

    I have not gotten hooked on ANY shows as of late, but I need to actively TRY AND CHANGE THAT!! Shows are conversation starters – and I am never apart of conversations because I legit don’t watch anything, lol!

    Reply to GiGi Eats
    • Kelsey

      You are absolutely right! Just today I was asking a coworker if she’d seen Game of Thrones because of a reference that came up, and the conversation immediately dwindled after she said she hadn’t. BUT moments later we were both quoting Parks and Rec! You can definitely overdo it, but an episode a day of something keeps you on you relevant on something!
      This web series is an interesting conversation point, because the popular thing today is doing retellings of old stories. Hope you enjoyed it. Each episode is probably 5 minutes long, so it’s not a huge dedication, which is nice! Thanks for reading and watching!

      Reply to Kelsey

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