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More Grimm Reflections

If you’ve been keeping up, you’ve been watching the other 15 episodes that I’ve already shared. If you haven’t, you can either catch up here, or just carry on and do some guesswork if something doesn’t make sense. Otherwise, enjoy the next 5 episodes!

Grimm Reflections Episodes 16-20

Episode 16

Episode 17

What? Another character 17 episodes in? Yes! Meet the Huntsman, played by my very close friend, Michael Reiser.

Episode 18

And Snow finds out already about Gwen’s little crush, before Gwen even admits it to herself.

Episode 19

image 8363783 12472294 - Grimm Reflections Web Series: Episodes 16-20

Episode 20

You can either catch up here, or just carry on and do some guesswork if something doesn't make sense. #getthatbagel #grimmreflections Click To Tweet

Behind the Scenes

So you got to see this new character, played by a very good friend of mine. Michael and I were at Missouri State University together in the same acting program when we started this project. I remember getting the role and hearing that they hadn’t quite found the right person for the role, and I suggested Michael. While I think it turned out perfectly, Michael and I goof off a little too much, which you can see in the bloopers. So even if we ever do get lucky enough to work together again, we will probably get on everyone’s nerves!

Anyway, there are a lot more episodes with him to come, he becomes an integral part of the story, clearly! Can’t wait for more? There are more episodes on the Wimsey Films Youtube channel.

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