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Grimm Reflections-Continuing the Series

I’m continuing to show y’all some of my past work, and here is another set of episodes from the web series I did in 2014. If you’re reading this and have no idea what I’m talking about, start here. Up to this point, you’ve met the two sisters, Gwen and Snow. You’ve also learned that they don’t get along, and you may be on to the turn this version of the Snow White tale takes. It’s kind of a Maleficent way of looking at what really happened.

I love doing Grimm Reflections, and felt a lot better about my work on it as we continued filming. So with each new release of episodes, I am even more excited to share them with you! I wish it had taken off, because it was such a creative and fun concept. Hopefully, if you enjoy it, you’ll share it and more people will discover it. Enjoy!

Episode 11

The story you know and love becomes a little closer to the surface when Snow shares her doubts about her Stepmother.

Episode 12

It’s always funny when these two bicker, but it’s about a much more serious subject in this episode.

Episode 13

Snow’s suspicions are growing to the point of paranoia. So you get to see her sneakin about in the middle of the night.

Episode 14

Gwen reveals a new plan to get rid of Snow-but not in an evil way…
Fun fact: I was sick when we filmed this, if you can’t tell from the nasaly-ness. I could, it caused flashbacks.
Other fun fact: I love doing evil laughs, I have a variety.

Fun fact: I love doing evil laughs, I have a variety. Click To Tweet

Episode 15

They may bicker all the time, but I feel like Gwen cares about Snow deep down, and just wants to connect, and maybe be left alone instead of made fun of. Snow, I don’t know how she really feels.
Fun fact: still working on cheating out to camera. Actor probs.

Until Next Month…

I don’t have any new behind the scenes stuff for you, other than my little fun facts above. If you’re liking what you’re watching, there’s plenty more to come, including a new character. Can’t wait? You need to work on your patience skills. But that’s not in my job description, so you can find more episodes (and seasons) here before the next set comes out next month. Sharing is caring!

grimm3 - Grimm Reflections Web Series: Episodes 11 Thru 15

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