Grimm Reflections Web Series: Episodes 1 Thru 5

Grimm Reflections Web Series: Episode 1 Thru 5

grimm1 5 - Grimm Reflections Web Series: Episodes 1 Thru 5

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Grimm Reflections-A Web Series

During my college years, I was cast in a super fun web series produced by Wimsey Films. Most of that time is a blur, now, so I don’t have a lot of behind-the-scenes specifics for you. But it really was a lot of fun! I was hooked when I read the first pages of script I got. This is a retelling of Snow White-a little closer to its original roots, and revamped by making the mirror a confidant. So it was filmed vlog-style!

I decided to share work I’ve done so I can tie in some of my passion into the blog here. Also, I think these projects are really great, and didn’t get the attention they’ve deserved! So below is a handful of the many episodes from the series. These first 5 episodes introduce you to Snow, obviously, and her stepsister Gwen (me). It’s pretty clear that the beloved princess we’ve come to know and love in the cartoons is not all that we’ve made her out to be. And she has a sister that no one’s ever heard about…Find out more by watching below! I’ll first appear in episode 5, at the bottom. But you can watch 1 through 4 to learn about Snow and other background info!

Episode 1

An introduction to Snow White and the dungeon you’ll be seeing a lot of.

Episode 2

We find out Snow is a little more spoiled than we expected. And we learn that she’s regularly being confined to the dungeon.

Episode 3

“The Fairest in the Land” basically means the ruler in the world of Grimm Reflections. Which I guess means whoever is the most beautiful gets to rule…

Episode 4

There’s going to be a masquerade, and it’s mixing things up around the boring castle for the first time in a really long while.

Episode 5

Meet Gwen! Never heard of her? She’s used to it. She’s hiding from the ball, and she actually likes it in the dungeon.

Behind the Scenes

I can tell you that I auditioned wanting to be Snow. I didn’t know what they had planned yet for the story, it actually was still being written as we filmed. But I was like, main character-go for it! I hadn’t gotten the spoiled vibe from Snow yet, either. I’ve since changed alliances and I’ll be the first to say that Gwen=Me. We’re both sarcastic, love bad puns, and feel out of place in most situations.

We're both sarcastic, love bad puns, and feel out of place in most situations. Click To Tweet

Grimm Reflections really was a one-of-a-kind project to be a part of. It was my first real experience doing film, which I went to school for. I showed up and this cool Victorian/Elizabethan costume was there and fit perfectly (and green, a color I rock). I was the main character in this unique story that was very micro-budget, and a really fun and creative environment. By the way, none of that background is digital, it’s all real!

Want More?

I’ll be sharing another handful of these next month. But like I originally said, this was made in 2014. So if you don’t want to wait, you can totally find the rest of the series here. And for more insight and background on the experience and production, come back next month anyway!

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  • Bruce Schinkel

    Such a great concept! I love ideas like these where they take a story we all know and love, then add another layer to them. “oh, you didn’t know Snow had a step-sister? Shocker!” … priceless 🙂

    Reply to Bruce Schinkel
    • Kelsey

      Thanks for watching, Bruce! I totally agree, different perspectives on these stories are so cool. And Grimm Reflections did a neat job of tying it all up in the end, which you can find out if you stay tuned and keep watching!

      Reply to Kelsey

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