Try These 11 Activities to Have Fun Exercising!

Try These 11 Activities to Have Fun Exercising!

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Let’s face it, the first couple of weeks of starting a new exercise regime can often be the hardest! It takes a lot to break the easy habits of sleeping in or watching one more episode on Netflix to get out and get in shape, especially when you haven’t built up your endurance yet. Plus, working out isn’t always on our top ten list of things we would LIKE to do in our free time. One thing that helps with getting over this hurdle is making exercise fun! Try one of these eleven activities to have fun and get in shape without it feeling like exercise!

Working out isn't always on our top ten list of things we would LIKE to do in our free time. Click To Tweet

1. Yoga

Yoga is super useful for clearing your mind, relaxing, and is great for your core and muscles! It utilizes slow movements to help improve stamina and muscle control. Yoga is a great way to start your morning fresh, revitalize you in the afternoon, or wind down in the evening. There are a handful of different styles of yoga (Bikram, Hatha, Hot, etc.), so if one doesn’t work, you can try another until you get the results you like. Relax and meditate while you get fit!

2. Fabric/Silk Work

Haven’t you always dreamed of being like those performers in Cirque de Soleil? Okay, I haven’t, but that silk work is intense and looks super fun! I’ve taken one workshop with silk, and it is a huge body workout, especially the upper body! Add a new skill for the streets or your office party talk, maybe you’ll discover a career out of it! Whatever the use, you will have fun, look like a B.A., and get in shape!

3. Dancing

You’ve got hip hop, you’ve got jazz, you’ve got ballroom if you have a partner OR want to find a partner! Heck, you could stay at home and play Dance Dance Revolution or just jam to the radio for an hour and get a workout. Wherever you go and whatever style you prefer, you’re having a blast to some great music, time flies by, and you’ve burned enough calories to make up for the extra bag of Cheetos you had before dinner.

4. Hiking

If you live close to some neat trails and parks, let out your inner explorer and check out what nature has to offer. Grab your friends to come along or join a local group. Plan trips around the world, get a workout AND travel! The sites are a great distraction from the blisters on your feet.

5. Rock Climbing

Similar to hiking, but if you’re not close to good areas outside for this (or want to workout from the comfort of the indoors), there are tons of gyms that have rock walls. You will get a great upper body workout this way. A fear of heights is not recommended for this activity.

6. Sports

Literally, any sport. There are hundreds. Grab a ball and head to the park with your friends and family, join a recreational league. You don’t have to be a pro, most people aren’t! Meet new people, don’t worry about small talk because you’ll be out of breath anyway.

7. Swimming

Swimming laps seems like dull exercise, but that’s only one way to do it. Find some friends and play water volleyball, or some game you use to play as kids. This works at a home pool or the pool at the local gym.

8. Skating

This can be ice skating or roller skating, purely dependent on your preference. Do it alone or with a group. You can play a game, just circle a rink, or (for roller skating only) outside on a good biking trail. You’ll get a good leg workout, have fun, and plug back in to the 90s era we all wish we could return to.

funexercise - Try These 11 Activities to Have Fun Exercising!9. Biking

Again, with peeps or not, either way works. Get some spandex and speed off into the sunset, work it at a spin class, or grab a cruiser with a doggy basket and chill out around town. All options are healthier than driving to get somewhere and more stimulating than your average treadmill.

10. Cleaning

I know, the ‘two good things together make one great thing combined’ theory probably applies in the negative version as well. Neither cleaning nor working out make it to that top ten list of things we love doing. But if they’re both on your to-do list, might as well knock them out together, birds and stones! Make a game out of getting your house cleaned, the faster and harder you work it, the more you’ll sweat.

11. Playing With Your Kids/Pets

Animals and children need exercise, too! Do it together by tickle-wrestling with your toddler. In fact, if you have lil rugrats running around, you are probably getting enough exercise-so maybe yoga (#1 on this list) will be a nice break. Dogs, however, need at least 45 minutes of exercise a day, take them on a run or play with them in a park and you’ll both come home happy campers. More and more people have been getting leashes for their cats and taking them on walks, you can join in on that trend or keep it classic with one of those ball and string toys, or just try to chase them when they sprint off for no reason.

image 8363783 12515207 - Try These 11 Activities to Have Fun Exercising!

BONUS: 12. POLE Dancing

Let’s face it. There’s at least a small part of all of us that wants to be able to dance like a stripper. Heck, that’s an extra hustle on the side! (Just kidding, but seriously). Have you ever taken a pole dancing workshop? I haven’t (yet), but I hear the ab workout is crazy! You try lifting yourself upside down on one of those things. You’ll leave with a cool talent not many people can brag about!

Plenty More!

If none of these seem fun for you, there are definitely more options to help you get fit without even realizing it. Invent a new game to play outside, or do something to trick your mind in to thinking the normal ways to work out is actually enjoyable for you. However you do it, just do it often! The habit is what creates the result. Good luck!


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  • Shalini

    Hi Kelsey, these are the really good list of fun exercising. #4 and #11 are my favorites from that list. I often go for hiking with my friends, and I love playing with my niece daily. Good to know about some other as well, thanks!!

    Reply to Shalini
    • Kelsey

      Thanks for reading, Shalini! I don’t have a lot of experience with the majority of these, but really want to get into hiking, and try out the silk work! It helps to get in shape when it doesn’t feel like so much work!

      Reply to Kelsey

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