Five Ways to Network and Grow Your Business

5 Ways to Network and Grow Your Business

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Whether you’re wanting to expand your own business or you want to find new prospects for yourself, networking is the key. “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” or vice versa. When I think of networking events, I picture a bunch of old people standing around and using small talk with people they’ll never see again. It’s not all like that, though! Try one of these activities to meet new people and grow your network.

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Meetups is a website for like-minded individuals to connect and, you know, meet up. You can join a number of different groups based on your interests and they plan different events like going to bars and the like. Tons of people use this website to meet people when they move to a new area or just want to grow their friend group.


This is an app that’s like Tinder, but for professionals. Instead of setting preferences like age and gender, you select what your interests are, what you’re looking for (in a job or business aspect), and when you’re available to connect. Shapr pairs you up with people of all sorts, based on your similar interests. If you both want to meet each other, it matches you and a conversation can start! It’s a great way for introverts and people with busy schedules to network professionally.

Alumni Events

This might be the closest thing to the old people and small talk I was talking about earlier. It isn’t all that bad, though! You could meet your next boss or business client or new best friend! Alma maters are a great thing that connect people. Just grab a college buddy to come with you in case things get dull.

Join a Rec League

“I didn’t come here to exercise, I wanted to find out how to meet new people!” I know, but birds and stones! If you have a sport you’re really into, join a new league for some fresh faces. You already have this common ground interest to connect with everyone. See what else you might have in common with everyone!

waystonetwork - Five Ways to Network and Grow Your BusinessShop in Store, Instead of Online

This option is more for finding clients and partners, but still works if you’re looking for a new job! How do you expect to meet someone from an online store? Save on shipping, get the right color/size, and meet someone new by making the trip and connecting with new people.

Go Meet New People!

There are 8 billion people in the world, go meet some of them! You never know who you might connect with. Is something missing from this list? Comment below with more networking ideas!


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  • GiGi

    Shapr sounds REALLY interesting to me, however, I feel like eventually, it will turn into a dating app of sorts! hahaha!

    Reply to GiGi
    • Kelsey

      It definitely has that vibe sometimes! I’ve tended to mostly match with women, because I’m straight and I think it helps with avoiding mixed messages. But when used like that it’s a fun way to meet new people in your area. Thanks for reading, GiGi!

      Reply to Kelsey
  • Tiffany

    I have never heard of Shapr. What a great idea. Perfect for the introvert in me! Thanks for sharing.

    Reply to Tiffany
    • Kelsey

      Glad to have helped, Tiffany! I’ve used Shapr and actually met some people for dinner off of it. It’s really a great way to network. Thanks for reading!

      Reply to Kelsey
  • Tiffany M Bastedo

    Thanks for all the tips! As a relationship coach and blogger it’s sometimes tough to go out and create relationships with others while networking.

    Reply to Tiffany M Bastedo
    • Kelsey

      I agree, Tiffany-it can be hard to develop new relationships. Hope you enjoy these network sites. Thanks for reading!

      Reply to Kelsey
  • Michelle C

    Thank you for the ideas! I work full-time, am taking classes, AND trying to build my blog. It’s hard to get out and network with real live people.

    Reply to Michelle C
    • Kelsey

      Same, Michelle! I am constantly doing one thing or another. These are great ways to network and enjoy yourself at the same time. Thanks for reading!

      Reply to Kelsey
  • Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine

    O I love meetup already, will check out Shapr!

    Reply to Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine
    • Kelsey

      Thanks for reading, Rebecca! Hope you enjoy Shapr! It’s a great way to network and meet new people.

      Reply to Kelsey
  • Nadalie

    Hey Kelsey,

    Great tips! I’m so guilty of forgetting about ACTUAL in person networking and am always focused more on social media networking. Which honestly I can just do in PJs hahah.

    Thanks for the tips,

    Nadalie, It’s All You Boo
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    Reply to Nadalie
    • Kelsey

      Thanks for reading, Nadalie! I’m so the same, it’s so easy to just network on social media, because you can do it anywhere and anytime. Also I avoid situations where I can’t wear yoga pants. But person-to-person contact can sometimes create stronger relationships. Hope these helped, would love to stay connected!

      Reply to Kelsey

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