Earn Extra Cash Quickly with These 7 Apps and Websites

Earn Extra Cash Quickly with These 7 Apps and Websites

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Did you overspend your budget this month? Need extra cash for groceries or a last-minute gift? Try these websites and phone apps to earn a few extra bucks.

UserTesting, Inc.

This is by far one of my favorite websites for extra money. In five and ten minute sessions, you get paid up to $10 for giving feedback on new websites in development. You can work on your phone and your computer for this. They pay you exactly a week after you do each test via Paypal.


One of the most popular survey companies for extra money. Earn SwagBucks for taking surveys, shopping, watching videos, and using their search engine. Redeem points for gift cards to tons of stores, including Amazon, Starbucks, and Paypal.

Panel App

Panel App rewards daily points just for having the app installed on your phone, and you can earn more for having it on multiple devices. It also sends surveys sometimes based on your daily habits and travels for bonus points. When you have a minimum of 1000 points you can redeem gift cards for Amazon, Google Playstore, and Visa cards,


1Q is an app that sends surveys from time to time. It’s not super frequent, but pays out cash to your Paypal account immediately. Questions take literally no time to answer when they do come.

Alaska Bunch

Similar to 1Q, Alaska Bunch sends out surveys occasionally. They don’t take long at all, and payout on Paypal after you earn $25.

extracashappssites - Earn Extra Cash Quickly with These 7 Apps and WebsitesGoogle Screenwise Trends

Sign up for Google Screenwise Trends and install their plug in on your browser and app on your phone. Basically they just track your activity for analytics. If you’re cool with allowing access to your online habits, you’ll be getting paid to literally just have these installed and running. I earn about $2 a week for this and they cash out via gift cards to multiple stores.


This is a fairly new social media app that rewards you for posting, rating other posts, and having your content rated. You get rewarded in these Rabadama points, which can be redeemed for money deposited into your Paypal account. They also have daily contests for bonus cash rewards.


None of these are great sources for steady income, but are great if you’re short on grocery money! Try them out and see what you can earn. Know of a company not listed here? Comment below to add to the list!


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