Dollar Shave Club: Subscription Box Review

Dollar Shave Club: Subscription Box Review

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I jumped on this Dollar Shave Club bandwagon, and let me just tell you now: I am satisfied.

I ran out of my last set of razors, and decided to try the new fad, especially after seeing how many women switched over. It may be marketed toward men, but it is just as good for the ladies!

Dollar Shave Club Subscription Options

DSC has three different razor sizes: 2 (Humble Twin), 4 (4x), and 6 (Executive) blades. I splurged and got the Executive 6 blade razor.

You can select how often you want your refills to come in, and add additional items before your shipment processes. You can also cancel at any time, no contracts.



All sizes are only $1 the first month you order. Below are the prices for subsequent months.

Humble Twin (2 blades): $1/month with $2 shipping and handling. Includes 5 cartridges in each refill.

The 4x (4 blades): $6/month with free shipping and handling. Includes 4 cartridges in each refill.

The Executive (6 blades): $9/month with free shipping and handling. Includes 4 cartridges in each refill.

Add-Ons: There are a ton of additional products you can add to your subscription, like sunscreen and other stuff. I got the shave butter for $8.

Bonus: If you ever decide to change sizes, the new handle is free.

Target Audience

Photo Jan 29 1 04 23 PM 300x225 - Dollar Shave Club: Subscription Box Review

Hairy men. But like I said, women use it, too! I actually think it’s better for women, because a lot of guys use electric razors these days.

Box Contents

I ordered my executive blade on January 22nd, and it came in on the 28th. Here’s what was inside:

Photo Jan 29 1 06 04 PM 300x225 - Dollar Shave Club: Subscription Box Review

My executive handle and 4 blade cartridges.

Dr. Carver’s Shave Butter: this stuff has an interesting aroma to it, that ended up smelling way better once I was using it in the shower. It’s got like an earthy scent. The butter has ingredients to help with irritation, soothe and moisturize during your shave. You don’t need a lot to go a long way.

My Thoughts

Before, I was using a Venus 4-blade razor with cartridges that had the shaving lotion built into the blade. I used to like that because I didn’t have to buy shaving cream, and I knew I needed a refill when the lotion ran out. Those refills cost around $20 for 6 cartridges, which blows! Especially if the blade had more life left, which I need as a broke chick.

I’m definitely staying with Dollar Shave Club for good. Whenever I need a refill, that comes down to $9 for 4 cartridges, which is much cheaper, especially for an extra 2 blades. And it was one of the best shaves I’ve ever had. It was cleaner, and I loved the shave butter. It ended up smelling really good, and helped with the clean shave. For only $8, it beats any other product I might get to make up for the built-in shaving lotion.

Try out Dollar Shave Club for yourself and see how great of a shave you can get, and at an even better deal!


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Dollar Shave Club: Subscription Box Review


  • Kim

    I use Soleil and I LOVE them, but these sound great too…may have to give them a try. I’ve always wondered about Dollar Shave Club.

    Reply to Kim
    • Susan Charlene. Pollitz

      I want to know what happened to my order I sent an email saying I wanted to come back and got an ok but no razors

      Reply to Susan Charlene. Pollitz
      • Kelsey

        That sucks, Kim! Clearly it’s disheartening to want to come BACK to a company and they serve you that way. I’m not sure about all of the details or how they work in those situations, I just tried it out. The only relationship is a the referral code on my profile, Dollar Shave Club didn’t ask me to review or work with them in any capacity. My only suggestion is to document everything and track someone down so you don’t let it affect your bank account too much! Definitely come back and fill us in on details as the situation progresses, because that’s definitely not a situation I’d recommend to anyone for any product!

        Reply to Kelsey
  • Amanda smith

    Going to try this now!!!

    Reply to Amanda smith
  • Gillian

    Awesome.I have been wondering about this. The cost of razors is absurd.

    Reply to Gillian
  • Andrea | Moonlight Sweetness

    Wow! I thought this subscription box was only for menπŸ™ˆ, lol. After reading this post I can understand all the hype sorrounding this subscription box. I really want to try the shave butter though. Thanks for sharing this!

    Reply to Andrea | Moonlight Sweetness
  • arfa

    This looks good. I think you had some great results using the razor and the deals are also attractive.

    Reply to arfa
  • Heather LeGuilloux

    I have looked at this before but was a bit skeptical.. thanks for the review! πŸ™‚

    Reply to Heather LeGuilloux
  • Michelle

    This sounds amazing! I used to coupon to get free razors but I’m just too lazy these days. Gotta try this ASAP!

    Reply to Michelle
    • Kelsey

      It’s definitely worth it, Michelle! The razors are a good price, last a long time so you don’t have to consistently order, and they’re a great shave!

      Reply to Kelsey

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