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I have a ton of scrapbook paper lying around from old gifts I made, but I’m not an avid scrapbooker! I’m probably never going to use those pages again. Recently I learned how to make envelopes out of scrapbook pages. I thought it would be the perfect way to start off my monthly craft series! These are super easy to make, and cheap-especially if you already have the materials!


Uses for Handmade Envelopes

I know what you’re thinking. “I know what I can use an envelope for.” I’m just excited about how useful they actually are!

Cheap, Pretty Stationary

I buy ordinary envelopes less than once a year, and I only use them for stuff like taxes. I wouldn’t want to use those boring ones for fun letters, cards, and gifts to people. And I know cards usually come with an envelope, but sometimes handmade cards are better! Scrapbook pages are 100% more appealing to the eye, and much more interesting to open if you get the package in the mail!

Hold Receipts

If you have more than one stream of income, you’ve gotta organize your expenses. I personally think it makes organizing seem like less of a hassle when the materials aren’t boring. You can color-coordinate categories and keep everything together in a nice-looking little stack.

Cash Envelope System

I love Dave Ramsay’s cash envelope system and his methods on erasing debt. But doesn’t it all sound way better with interesting envelopes? Color-coordinate this, too! You can have a different pattern for every category. Keep track of your spending habits and keep your desk looking good, too.


If you have the same problem as me, this is perfect for clearing out your craft space. Make a ton of these envelopes, and you’ll get rid of the paper, and they’ll be easier to store if you have extra.

Materials You’ll Need

Photo Feb 07 2 22 41 PM e1486502860579 225x300 - DIY Envelopes-February Craft

  • Scrapbook paper (duh): The larger the size you get, the bigger your envelopes will be. Mine were 12″X12″, and it made one style pretty large.
  • Tape: For the types I made, you need it to hold it all together. Plus you can’t lick these to seal them. Can be washi tape or regular scotch. I don’t recommend using staples, especially if you will use these to hold smaller items.
  • Scissors: If you get large paper, like me, and want to trim it down. I didn’t do this because I don’t have a steady hand.
  • (BONUS) Hot wax and a stamp: if you want to be cool and old-fashioned like that.


I’ll show you how to make two different sized envelopes. The first is your basic size, and the second has an extra fold. The second is a little more sleek and good for bills and other small items.


Photo Feb 07 2 28 36 PM e1486503059239 225x300 - DIY Envelopes-February Craft


Line up your corners so you can pinch a little crease in the middle of your paper.






Photo Feb 07 2 28 54 PM 300x225 - DIY Envelopes-February Craft



Once you’ve done this on both sides, you should see exactly where the center of the page is.




Photo Feb 07 2 29 17 PM 300x225 - DIY Envelopes-February Craft


Fold your paper on three sides so that each corner meets or goes past the center of the page.




Photo Feb 07 2 29 50 PM e1486503137509 225x300 - DIY Envelopes-February Craft


Now all but one corner should be folded down. At this point you can tape down the folded edges. I used scotch tape and it blended pretty well with the design.





Photo Feb 07 2 31 25 PM e1486503239995 225x300 - DIY Envelopes-February Craft


Fold down the last corner, this will be the part of the envelope you open. That’s it! Seal it and send it off.





Extra Step

Photo Feb 07 2 33 34 PM e1486503333437 225x300 - DIY Envelopes-February Craft


If you want a smaller size, pause before you get to the step where you tape down the folded sides.






Photo Feb 07 2 33 44 PM e1486503406652 225x300 - DIY Envelopes-February Craft


Fold the whole envelope so that the bottom of it meets the bottom of your last corner.







Photo Feb 07 2 33 58 PM e1486503475983 225x300 - DIY Envelopes-February Craft


Now you can tape all of the open edges and use your finished product!








The extra step above provides different options for envelope sizes. But there is something else you can do! The cool thing about my scrapbook paper is that one side is blank. So you can fold it to where the pattern is on the inside! This is great if you mail a letter to someone else, because they’re not expecting an inner design when they open it up! Plus, it makes it easier to write down and read the postage information.

Photo Feb 07 2 37 41 PM e1486503596367 225x300 - DIY Envelopes-February Craft

Bonus Style

After doing all the work and photos for this post, I discovered another easy way to make envelopes out of scrapbook paper. Those little pouches for coins and jewelry! To make these, you will definitely need scissors and a ruler, plus your choice of adhesive or staples.

DIY Envelope-February Craft


Start out by choosing your paper design, then flip it over to the non-patterned side.



DIY Envelope-February Craft



Next, draw out the pattern for your pouch. The measurement for 2.75″ is how long it will be. The measurement for 1.75″ is how wide it will be. However you want the size to be, determine that in these sections. The .5″ and .75″ measurements can be anything you wish, just so that they will securely fold over. Make sure the remaining measurements combine to be more than the width of your pouch, or it will not hold anything.





DIY Envelope-February Craft


Next, cut out what you just drew.




DIY Envelope-February Craft




Fold over the long sides of the pattern and secure them with tape or glue.





DIY Envelope-February Craft



Fold up the bottom and secure with adhesive.







DIY Envelope-February Craft




You’re done! Once you have something to put inside, you can fold over the top and secure it.





That’s It!

Super easy. Try it out! Do you have a cool, easy craft that’s useful around the house? Share below and I might try it myself!!

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