I Gave up Calorie-Filled Drinks for a Month. Here’s What Happened!

I Gave up Calorie-Filled Drinks for a Month, Here's What Happened!

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Healthy Choices

Every month, I do a healthy challenge as a step on my journey toward getting slimmer and in shape. I only change one habit so I can track the effects of that month’s challenge. In January, it was the Gallon Challenge. This month, I took it a step further and gave up sugary and caffeinated drinks altogether!

You may be thinking: “What the heck, Kelsey? I already looked at your gallon challenge post. This is the same thing!” Well it’s close, but it is not the same thing. When I did the challenge in January, I’d still have time for at least one soda or something with one of my meals. That’s a lot of sugar! In February, I cut it out completely. I also didn’t shoot for a whole gallon everyday, for the love of my bladder.


The Results

I don’t have any photos for these challenges, as I avoid body shots when possible. I know, that’s not helpful for visual before/after comparison. But I’m not letting the internet trolls make comments (other than on the lack of photos)! Ya’ll can see before/after photos when the after part looks acceptable to me. And stats work just as fine.


Here’s what changed.


Weight: 169.8 lbs

Waist: 33.75 in.

Hips: 45.25 in.

Neck: 12.75 in.

Calf: 16 in.

Body Fat: 27.31%

BMI: 29.14

W/H Ratio: .76


Weight: 166.8 lbs

Waist: 33 in.

Hips: 44.75 in.

Neck: 12.5 in.

Calf: 15.5 in.

Body Fat: 27.23%

BMI: 28.63

W/H Ratio: .73

The biggest win here was the loss of 3 lbs. If you read last month’s challenge, you’ll remember that I ate out toward the end and didn’t lose a surprising amount. I like to think that some of this number is a result of the challenge, minus the big meals.


I didn’t drink that many sugary and calorie drinks to begin with. Maybe once a day at the most. But I craved soda intensely during this challenge. Especially Dr. Pepper. If I ate with someone and they popped open a soda, I really considered giving it up. It was also ironic that I got a bunch of invites to go out for drinks with people. But I didn’t do it! We found other ways to be social.

It probably doesn’t help that this was a negative challenge, instead of a positive one. Rather than a positive, like finishing a gallon by the end of the day, this month was a negative goal by trying to NOT do something. Just like with Pink Elephants, I wasn’t supposed to have flavored drinks, so I wanted them more than usual. It’s much more effective to have a positive goal, where you’re adding behavior instead of removing it.

I did have a Dr. Pepper on March 1st, just to see what it’d be like after I completed my goal. It was terrible. I had to get water to get the taste from my mouth. My stomach hurt for the rest of the evening and I had a headache. It might’ve been the caffeine or carbonation, but I’m still going to stick to water for the most part from now on. It’s crazy how just a month can change how your body reacts to certain food and drink.

I Gave up Calorie-Filled Drinks for a Month, Here's What Happened!Tips

Do something like the Gallon Challenge to help with withdrawals and cravings. If you replace a negative habit with a positive one, it makes a big difference.

Have friends join you! Friends who are healthy together…do other things together, probably. I don’t know. It helps with accountability.

Next Thing

In addition to keeping on with the water, I’m doing something new this month! March’s challenge is to consume a tablespoon of coconut oil every day. There are different ways to do this, and a ton of benefits. I’ll be putting it in a morning breakfast smoothie. Try it out yourself and share your results! I’ll be back next month to share mine.

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  • Raine

    I keep telling myself that I need to give up sodas again! I cut them out several years ago and I could tell that it made a difference, but now that I’m in grad school I always start to crave something fizzy and caffeinated in the afternoon…

    Reply to Raine
    • Kelsey

      I totally know what you mean, Raine! After trying it again on March 1st, I’ve been constantly craving soda with my afternoon meals. It is obviously super addicting! I will probably have to do this challenge again at some point. You should join in! Thanks 🙂

      Reply to Kelsey
  • Kat

    Wow this is incredible!

    Reply to Kat
  • Laura

    Good for you on this! I need to completely NIX diet sodas, although I don’t drink a ton, I do drink them! Being good is hard!

    Reply to Laura
    • Kelsey

      Thanks for the comment, Laura! It is really hard. I started drinking sodas again after the month was up, and I really regret it! I’m gonna have to renew the challenge until I can’t even stand the thought of Dr. Pepper lol. It is helpful to have something to replace it with!

      Reply to Kelsey
  • Mindy

    This is so great to see! Good for you!

    Reply to Mindy

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