Bark Box: Subscription Box Review

Bark Box: Subscription Box Review

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I thought Boo and Timber could use some lovin this month, especially after Boo recently destroyed a favorite Kong toy! So I decided to try out Bark Box for the latest review.

Bark Box Subscription Options

The first thing you can select is the size of your dog. They have options for small (0-20lbs), medium (20-50lbs), and large (50+lbs) dogs.

From there, you get to choose between 3 subscription options: monthly, 6 months, and 12 months.

I selected the medium size (the boys are on the fence between medium and large) on the monthly plan. You can also add on more subscriptions per dog, but I just did one for the both of them. And they have options in your profile for any dietary needs and allergies, which is good.


Choosing a size for your dog’s plan has no impact on the subscription prices.
Monthly: $29, where you can cancel any time.
6 Months: $150 ($25/month, 13% savings)
12 Months: $252 ($21/month, 27% savings)
Shipping is free in the lower 48 U.S. states and $5 for any other locations.


Target Audience

Bark Box is intended for dog owners. But if you work with dogs regularly this is great for you, too! Some of the toys inside could work for cats, but I can’t say whether the treats would be good for them.

February 2017 Contents

I ordered my box on February 16th and it arrived on February 21st. I also found out that Bark Box has an app (iOS) you can download to manage subscriptions, see what is in your box, and reorder favorite items! February had a New York theme. Here’s what was inside:

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Trachea bone ($3)- Made from beef, I’m afraid to give it to either of them because they are NOT good at sharing when it comes to bones.


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Lady Liberty Ball ($10)- it’s covered in cloth and squeaks when you squeeze it.



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Roasted Duck NYC Jerky Chews ($8)-tiny strips you can break in half to make last longer.



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Best Treats Ever: Turkey & Duck Strips ($7)-appears to be manufactured by Bark Box themselves. Can also be split in half for longer use.


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Andi’s Famous Dumplings ($16)-definitely the weirdest toy that was in the package. These two stuffed, squeaky dumplings sit in a felt-covered Asian to-go carton. The dumplings are cool, I just didn’t know what to do with the carton…just storage I guess? No idea.


Thoughts (Both Mine and the Doggies’)

Everything but the trachea (reason above) was a hit! They were practically tripping over themselves for both of the treats. My commands were obeyed with way more enthusiasm than they are with our other treats!barkboxdogs 214x300 - Bark Box: Subscription Box Review

The biggest win was probably the Lady Liberty Ball, especially for Boo. He spent most of the day running around the house with it. I think it’s great, but his saliva makes the cloth covering incredibly gross.

Timber was a little more interested in the dumplings, but honestly he just likes to guard toys, especially when Boo pushes them in his face trying to play. I don’t know who the culprit is, but one of the two little toys was torn open the other day, so now it’s just one lonely little dumpling.

I didn’t know what to do with the to-go carton, so I just tossed it in with the rest of the lot. Boo destroyed that one within an hour. He was super cute with it, though. At one point, he had his  whole face in the box, making it look like he was scarfing down any imaginary food Photo Feb 21 2 33 35 PM e1488253788417 225x300 - Bark Box: Subscription Box Reviewinside!

From a financial view, the box is a great deal. You save about $25 more than if you were to buy the products separately, even more so if you get either of the pre-paid plans. This is great if you like treating your buddies regularly and don’t care what you get. Personally, I would’ve loved if they included a toy that might survive chewers a little better. Boo and Tim will chew apart and eat everything, so products like Kong that are large and rubbery withstand them longer. But I’d order it again. (I did find out later when canceling my subscription that they have a heavy chewer option, so that’s neat! I hadn’t seen it anywhere before.)

Want to get your special pal a surprise? Try out Bark Box and tell me what you think!


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Bark Box: Subscription Box Review


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