Origins: Becoming Get That Bagel

Origins: Becoming Get That Bagel

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The year is 2016. Chicago is the place. Broke is the me.

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Well, I Should Probably Rewind a Bit…

So I studied acting at Missouri State for four years, and the plan was to move to Los Angeles after I graduated and get the hell out of St. Charles. No offense to St. Charles, but actually, offense. The whole St. Louis area is a nice area to visit and be a tourist, but once you visit the Arch and get your fill of beer and baseball, there’s not much there that you can’t get anywhere else. (Besides family. I see you reading this, fam. Deal with it.) And it’s definitely behind on film opportunities compared to the bigger cities.

Even before I left for school, I always envisioned myself on the west coast. Beautiful weather, beautiful people, every day an adventure. And that’s where all the people are on the TV, right? Go where the people you want to be like are. Right? Yea.

Well, long story short, I made the attempt to move to Los Angeles when I graduated. I was there about a week, and then I turned around and moved to Chicago instead.

Why would I do this? I’ll admit it was pretty impulsive. But a couple of reasons pushed me off the cliff:

  • I wanted to engulf myself in improvisation training
  • My brother lived in Chicago

So my money would go a little further and longer because my bro and his wife invited me to utilize their spare bedroom, and if I was going to train in something specifically, might as well go to the center of things. Chicago is like the epicenter of improv and live comedy. The plan became to make Chicago a pit stop, soak everything I could, and then head over to L.A. with more professional experience to show for it.

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Fast Forward

Through the move, getting settled in a new job, and paying off my student loan with all of the money in my bank account.

Debt=Zero, Bank Account=Also Zero. I do not recommend this. I’d rather have a little cushion and pay the debt off in pieces than have everything at zero. That’s personally, and for my situation, because I was not making ends meet. The student debt basically turned into credit card debt and I’ve been trying to fix THAT ever since.

At the same time, it’s really hard to keep a steady income job while pursuing an artistic career on the side. I needed to be able to drop a shift on a dime and still pay for shit.

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Me, above, in the middle, stepping off of a cliff of education into oblivion.

Now We Are All Caught Up

So I’m living with my brother in Chicago, working at the YMCA (for about 6 months, I’ve gone through like 6 jobs since), and looking on Pinterest for side income ideas that fit my above needs: flexible schedule and high income.

Can you guess which idea kept popping up?

  • “Earn Thousands a Month from Blogging!”
  • “Blog Income Report: How I Made x Dollars in May”
  • “Ways to Make a Full Time Income From Home” (#1: Blogging)

I’d say four months went by of me ignoring these. I wouldn’t say I didn’t believe them. But I thought the prime time to jump on this had passed, I didn’t think I could come up with enough content or something good to sell, and I hated reading blogs.

(I still don’t like reading blogs, sorry everyone. I’m a scanner, and my brain feels saturated with words sometimes.)

I continue the search, picking up gigs like Wag! and Postmates along the way. I tried survey sites, but that’s more of a while you do something else thing-too much time spent for too little earning.

Finally I find a post (or handful of posts, I don’t remember specifically) that actually outlines the earning potential and process of blogging, and so I thought I’d give it a try. I also kept getting frustrated with saving different sites with different useful info, I wanted to make a site that has it all in one place. That isn’t what Get That Bagel has become, but I still have that on the back burner.

 Get That Bagel Inspiration and Creation

So starts the creation process. I tried learning code so I could design my own theme, and failed miserably and bought one. I’ve been navigating Photoshop for graphics, and laying out my categories and posting schedule.

But why Get That Bagel? This site has nothing to do with bagels.

I know. You are among hundreds of people who ask this question, myself among them.

Nothing against bagels, I just don’t have a large well of content ideas for that one form of bread.

My last name is Nagel! The name comes from the wordplay and rhyme scheme that I grew up with, because that’s the obvious and apparently only thing people can rhyme with to find a way to pick fun at me. (Finagle is probably too large a word for grade schoolers). After coming to terms with the childhood embarrassment, college, I made all of my social usernames GetThatBagel at the joking suggestion of a sorority sister. So there’s the history behind the name.

Since then I’ve turned it into a kind of metaphor for doing what you want. Want a new job? Get it. Want to travel? Get it. Want a bagel? Get it! Works for everything.

And I’ve lived by that mantra myself by creating the blog. I’m trying to do what I want so I can do what I want. If that doesn’t make sense, you don’t want it hard enough.

image 8363783 10941847 - Origins: Becoming Get That Bagel

What’s Your Story?

I’m still working on mine, and I’m sure you will see many updates as I do. The goal is to support myself by teaching you how to support yourself, then we can all do what we want!

Are you doing something similar? What’s been your journey so far? What’s your Bagel? Share below and stay inspired!

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  • Rich

    Why not do extras work? If your schedule is flexible, it gives a little bit of cash and puts you around a real production studio. Iā€™m there to network, and yes I do carry business cards and give them to PAs. If you want the links let me know.

    Reply to Rich
    • Kelsey

      Hey Rich!
      I’ve definitely looked into extra work, but it’s always conflicted with another commitment I’ve made, and it’s not something that is steady enough to be a definite income stream. I’d love to check out the links you use and see if they’re different from mine! I’d for sure consider it more lucrative if I was in Los Angeles where there are more projects being regularly made.

      Reply to Kelsey
  • Kristie

    I enjoyed your origin story! (I’m a scanner too šŸ¤“) It’s always cool to learn what inspired someone to start blogging. I actually fell into it myself.

    Love the name! But now I kind of want a blueberry bagel šŸ˜‚.

    Looking forward to diving into all of your content! Happy Friday.

    Reply to Kristie
    • Kelsey

      Thanks for reading, Kristie! How’d you fall into blogging?
      Glad to have you around the site, I’m a fan of chocolate chip bagels, personally!

      Reply to Kelsey

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