August 2017 Income and Statistics Report

August Income and Statistics Report

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That Time of the Month

August Income and Statistics ReportNo, I’m not talking about THAT time. It’s time for a new income report! I love this series because it’s a way of personally tracking my blog growth while giving others a realistic view of what it’s like. I know I’ve seen others report five figures of income, but a lot of that ends up being from a service they offer, not the blog itself. Hopefully, I am being transparent enough to give others an accurate picture of how I’m doing, how you can do it yourself, and whether it’s something worth doing (it is). Anyway, let’s check it out!


Past Months

March: $4
April: $2
May: $6
June: $12
July: $35

It’s looking exponential, and you’ll find the trend is continuing this month! Maybe I’ll make a graph or something…

Traffic and Social Media


July 17 Income and Stats Report


August Income and Statistics Report

The bounce rate went up, but otherwise, things look great! More page views, sessions, time spent on a session, and more returning visitors! I’d say that’s pretty great.

I, again, added a fourth 100% reciprocation Facebook group promo thread, as well as swapped one of the groups I was participating in for another. I still think this is a great way to jumpstart traffic. It’s a little spammy because the idea is to find 1 dedicated reader among 100 people just completing their reciprocation requirement. But it works, and hopefully, I won’t need it eventually, it eats up a lot of time.

I’ve also gone back to commenting on five other blogs each day to both cultivate relationships with other bloggers as well as generate some traffic back to the site.

August Income and Statistics Report

I just realized I left the cursor on that cell when I took the screenshot. Sorry y’all.

Anyway, overall growth wasn’t as much, and I lost some followers on social media platforms I haven’t been focusing on. But the stuff I HAVE been focusing on has been growing, like Pinterest.

Top Posts and Pages

Top Traffic Sources

  1. Facebook
  2. Stumbleupon
  3. Search Engines
  4. Pinterest
  5. Twitter

How people are finding the site through search engines, I’m not sure. Specific search terms are not showing up. But I know that Facebook is a direct result of the groups I participate in, and Pinterest is probably due to Tailwind and Boardbooster.

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Income Report


Google Adsense: $73.18
MediaNet: $2.49

Total: $75.67

Self Employment

Big Orange Productions: $375, 5 events ($75/event)
Postmates: $156 for a promotional project I did, about 10 hours of work ($15/hour)
Film Projects: $50, 1 project (that was paid)
Wag! Dog Walking: $335, 20 walks ($16.75/walk)
Lending Club Investments:
$18, but only a small amount is true profit

Total: $934


LaSalle & Associates Temp Agency: $566.84, 55.5 hours ($10.21/hour, after income tax)

Total: $566.84

August Grand Total


A small portion of all of this hasn’t been cashed yet, so it’s like a little nest growing for a rainy day.

Goal Evaluation

Blog Income Goal ($40): $75 Yes!
Traffic (3300): 3025, 14% No
Email List (20): 18, 6% No
Pinterest (725): 653, 653% No
Facebook (300): 253, -0.4% No
Twitter (175): 182, 7% Yes!
Instagram (125): 130, 12% Yes!

I think this is the most amount of goals I’ve ever met! I guess I found the right formula for growth goals. Not that I’m doing anything else, otherwise.

September Goals

Income: $85
Traffic: 3700 (23%)
Email List: 20 (12%)
Pinterest: 750 (15%)
Facebook: 300 (19%)
Twitter: 190 (5%)
Instagram: 140 (8%)
Overall Growth: 6%

Pinterest will still be the point of focus because I am also utilizing affiliate pins and want to get my money’s worth out of Tailwind and Boardbooster.

I will also follow the pattern of commenting on more blogs, and add a fifth Facebook group thread.

Other things in the works: more premium content and bonuses for the email list, a potential new blog, and some video content! All very much in the works, but will hopefully bring Get That Bagel to the next level!

What About You?

Tell me what you’re working on this month! Doesn’t have to be blog related, maybe I can help!

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  • Daisey

    Loved this post, and I see you’re from Chicago, I live in the city as well!


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  • Carolyn

    I loved this post. Very inspiring and I like the idea of commenting on other blogs everyday. I’m going to try this!!

    Reply to Carolyn
    • Kelsey

      Thanks, Carolyn! I definitely like doing the comments because I think it’ll spark better relationships with other bloggers, definitely hard to do every day though!

      Reply to Kelsey

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