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Numbers are Down, but Learning is Up!

As I shared in my first income report, I started these reports as a way of generating more content, helping others who want to start a blog, tracking my own progress, and finding out what readers are most interested in. I’ll tell you now, I’ve actually made less money this month after writing that post. I’m chalking that up to a lingering abnormality from my Alphabetical Subscription Box list trending on Stumbleupon.

But I’ve learned a lot in the last month! For example, I figured out how to set up Google Analytics outside of my WordPress homepage. So you can look forward to graphics from that in future posts. It’s an analyzer’s dream, so the tool was named properly. Plus, it’s always useful to figure out what’s working and what isn’t. It’s also a good way of coming up with more realistic goals as each month passes.

So let’s check out some numbers!

Social Media Stats

You can’t measure financial growth without tracking the other numbers. Last month, some accounts grew, and some stayed the same. But nothing (other than actual traffic) went down, which is always a good sign! I’m not scaring any of you off.

Last Month

2339 (75/day)












This Month

1597 (50/day)

























417income - April 2017 Traffic and Income Report & Stats

Top Posts & Pages

Last month, I listed the top posts and pages from all of my blogging time. I’m going to give you that AND for just the month of April.

Top 5 for the Month:

  1. Alphabetical Subscription Directory: 854 views. StumbleUpon loves it.
  2. My Coconut Oil Challenge: 125 views. Try the challenge yourself!
  3. The March Income Report: 125 views. Y’all seemed to like this series!
  4. Singles Swag Box Review: 65 views. That was my first box review, so I’m glad to know it’s still going strong!
  5. Serious Side Hustles to Supplement Your Income: 46 views. Because we could always use some extra cash.

Top 5 of All Time:

  1. Alphabetical Subscription Directory: 9,949 views. Seriously, StumbleUpon loves it.
  2. Subscription Directory: 314 views, my original directory list that is not quite as popular as the Alphabetical version.
  3. Singles Swag Box Review: 225 views.
  4. My Gallon Challenge: 212 views. Try that one out yourself!
  5. My Calorie-Free Drink Challenge: 208 views. Try that one too!

As you can see, about two items are standing the test of time. I’m rooting for you, babies.

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April Income Report

I earned $2.30!

I’m still only with Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliates. And I’ve still only earned from ad income, no affiliate sales yet.

This may not sound appealing if you’re looking for a new side hustle, especially after seeing the decline from the whopping $4 I made last month. But I’m personally okay with it. I don’t have a business that this blog is based around, and I don’t have any online products (I do have an Etsy site for print art, but it’s still in the works). There are a lot of online income reports out there that lure people in with 6-figure numbers, but that can be misleading. Usually the majority of the money is coming from coaching or something that the blog is in addition to. This is purely blogging profit. And it’s not like it can get that much lower from here. I’m in the business long-term, and I’m holding out for the end-goal of making a living off of doing something I enjoy.

Did I Meet My Goals?

As you’ll remember, I had about 7 number goals for the month. Let’s see how I did.

Traffic: I had a goal for 6000 pageviews, and made it to just shy of 1600. Not even close.

Mailing List: My goal was 20 subscribers at 55% growth. I got 13 and 45%, which I am satisfied with.

Pinterest: I made it to 22% growth, not 34%, but I’m happy for the numbers all the same.

Facebook: I was not even close to my 48% mark at 16%. Shout out to the 227 followers!

Twitter: I BEAT my goal by 1%!

Instagram: My goal was 16% growth, and I made it to 11%. I’m okay with this considering I’m barely on the platform.

My earnings goal was $7, and I earned $2.30

I think I shot a little high for my goals, but I didn’t really know what to aim for in my first month of monitoring. I think my goals for May might be a little more realistic.

What did I do to get all of these numbers? Nothing really that differently than what I’ve been doing. I stopped spending all of my time on 100% follow-for-follow groups, which explains some of the traffic drops. I’ve maintained participation in promo groups that I felt were helpful. I stopped staring at my computer (a little) and tried to live life a bit more. Numbers don’t grow when you sit there and stare at them.

Goals for May

Overall Traffic: 4100 (156%)

Mailing List: 20 (54%)

Pinterest: 650 (26%)

Facebook: 350 (35%)

Twitter: 200 (14%)

Instagram: 125 (16%)

These are my main focuses currently. As for income, I’m shooting for $5. I calculate this by averaging my previous months’ incomes and estimating what it might be if it grows by that average.

How will I reach these? I added a new video series to the lineup for an extra post, which may bring more traffic and attract new audiences. And I decided to check off my social media involvement at the end of my to-do list so I can prioritize more productive tasks. Maybe creating more will allow me to stress less, and the social media will just be more authentic, hopefully. I am also comparing new affiliate and ad networks to participate in, which could help with income.

And you can help by following me on any of the accounts in this post, and check out other posts on the site!

What About You?

Are you meeting your financial goals this month? Thinking about starting a blog? Comment below and join in on the conversation, share tips and tricks!

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