DIY Air Fresheners-April Craft on Get That Bagel

DIY Air Fresheners-April Craft on Get That Bagel

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Another month, another craft. I love a good air freshener. I am not necessarily the cleanest person, so it’s definitely useful around laundry day. But I also like the scent of air freshener. They’re so expensive though! So I decided to make some myself. It took a total of like, 15 minutes.


Materials You Need

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Not many!

  • Small mason jars
  • Essential oil-any scent, I did lavender
  • Baking soda
  • Scrap-booking paper (sound familiar?!)
  • Scissors



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Air Freshener Directions

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First, you’ll want to take the circular part of the lid out from under the part that screws it down. Then you trace it on the non-patterned side of the paper. (Steps 1 through 3)

Take the new circle of paper and put it into the part that screws it down, as a replacement for what you just traced. (As you can see in 5)

Fill the jar halfway with baking soda. Then, put about 10-15 drops into it. I didn’t measure it. (4)

Close the jar and shake it up, get it mixed up real good.

The last part isn’t demonstrated, but I took a needle and poked little holes all over the paper to help with keeping the scent in while not containing it too much or something. If you know what I mean. This may be optional, I’m not sure.

All Done!

That’s it, super simple. It took way less time than I thought it would for some reason. I made 4 and scattered them around the house. And it’s really cheap. Once you buy the jars, you won’t have to again. All you have to replace is the baking soda every month and the essential oils probably every few months. So you should totally try it! Share your favorite essential oil scent additive below!

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  • Swiggylatestcoupons

    This is a wonderful idea.

    Reply to Swiggylatestcoupons
  • Carolyn

    Love this DIY! Will have to try it one of these days. Thanks!

    Reply to Carolyn
    • Kelsey

      Be sure to share the air freshener you make, would love to see your result and what scent you choose! Thanks for reading!

      Reply to Kelsey
  • Mary Leigh

    This is such a great idea! I love that it will help freshen the air without so many harsh chemicals!

    Reply to Mary Leigh
    • Kelsey

      I agree, Mary Leigh! I’m a big air freshener person, but am never sure if what I get is actually good or effective. This DIY is simple, and easy, I know it’s not too harsh, and I know it’s effective because the baking soda is absorbing the odors, not just covering stuff up. Thanks for reading!

      Reply to Kelsey
  • Kara

    How long do the scents last?

    Reply to Kara
    • Kelsey

      Great question, Kara! Every air freshener that I made is still smelling good as I write this reply, and I made them on April 1st. There’s no best-by date on the Essential Oil bottle, but the baking soda suggests changing out 30 days after opening. The mixture has also solidified, so I’m not sure if that’s going to be a pain to clean out, but I’ll find out. I’d say 30 days is a good rule of thumb, but I don’t know for sure. Thanks for reading!

      Reply to Kelsey
  • Toni

    I’m so trying this on my day off. Sound fun and super easy. I have all of these things. Can you tell I’m excited?

    Reply to Toni
    • Kelsey

      I can so tell you are excited! Please share a pic of your air freshener, plus what oil scent you use, when you do it! I’d love to share it on social media. Thanks for reading!

      Reply to Kelsey
  • Sarah Kranz

    Great instructions and tutorial, it seems pretty easy!

    Reply to Sarah Kranz

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