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Are you tired of Victoria’s Secret having the monopoly on lingerie? I don’t care too much, but they are a bit overpriced! It’s nice to have other options for viable undies.

Enter Adore Me! An online lingerie store.

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How Adore Me Works

This isn’t a subscription service, per se. But There is a monthly aspect to it, and a box of goodies is shipped to your door. Adore Me is more of an online store that gives you a monthly use it, store it, or skip it discount.

Basically in the first 5 days of each month, you visit Adore Me and choose something from the VIP collection to buy at a fixed price. If you forget (even though they remind you), you will be charged $39.95 that will be credited to your account for a future purchase. If you remember to check it out, but don’t want anything that month, you can just skip it at no cost.

Your first month will cost $19.95, but every month after that, underwear sets are $39.95. Shipping is free, and every 6th set is free!

It’s also free to join the VIP club itself.

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June 2017 Contents

My first order cost me $19.95, as it will for any person’s first order. I sifted through their collection and found an unlined bra and underwear set. I’m not used to those types, so I thought I’d try it out!

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I made my order on June 2nd, and it arrived on the 10th. My Halina unlined set was inside, among a directional pamphlet and a discount off of another order for that month. To get a better idea of what the set looks like, you can check it out here. Because I don’t model shit on this site right now, I’m not starting with underwear.

My Thoughts

I think it’s definitely cheaper than getting a set at Victoria’s Secret. What Vicki’s has on Adore Me is the ability to go in and try stuff on in the store. I’m not a huge fan of dealing with shipping. If you’re cool with it for returns and exchanges, then Adore Me is still the winner. The set I ordered was a little too small to the point of discomfort. I’m not going to exchange it, I’m just going to hope it fits when I get to my goal weight. And in the meantime, I’m going to order up sizes in future orders.

That’s right, I’m going to be a repeat customer! So there’s your answer. I’d recommend it.

Try it Out!

Want to try Adore Me? Do it! And share your thoughts below!

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