Accio! Box: May Subscription Box Review

Accio! May Subscription Box

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I’ve been so excited to try this box out, because I’ve always been (and always will be) a Harry Potter fan. My Pottermore house? Ravenclaw. Though it’s hard to pass on the gold and crimson merch, which is what I chose when I tried out this month’s box: Accio!

My Pottermore house? Ravenclaw. Have you been sorted? Rock your house gear by subscribing to Accio! Box. Click To Tweet

accio - Accio! Box: May Subscription Box Review

Accio! Subscription Options

There are two different subscription size options for the Accio! box: the Basic Box, and the Prefect Box. The basic includes 1 to 2 items and the prefect includes 3 to 5 items.

Once you choose the box size, you’ll also select a shirt size for when shirts are included in the assortment. Then, you have to make the VERY important decision of which house you want to receive specific gear from when it’s an option. I went with lion, because it’s classic HP.

BONUS: There is a one-time product for newborns called the Lilly box. It includes about 9 themed items for a newborn baby and mommy.


Choosing a house doesn’t impact the subscription price, only the plan type and size.
Monthly: $19.99 for basic, $39.99 for prefect.
3 Months: $54 for basic ($18/month), $108 ($36/month)
6 Months: $102 for basic ($17/month), $204 ($34/month)
12 Months: $192 for basic ($16/month), $384 ($32/month)
Lily Box: $74.99
Shipping is included from what I can tell.


Target Audience

Accio! is intended for fans of Harry Potter. If I could narrow that down, I’d say half of the population, but specifically millennials.

May 2017 ContentsPhoto May 16 2 42 21 PM 1024x768 - Accio! Box: May Subscription Box Review

I ordered my box back in April. They typically process orders after the 1st of each month, and boxes arrive between the 7th and 10th. So if you place your order on the 2nd, you will have to wait an entire month and get the following month’s box. I left town the weekend my box was to arrive, and it actually got to my house at some point between the 13th and the 15th. I got the basic, lion options. May was bathroom themed; and here’s what was inside:

I would have gotten 3 additional items if I’d have ordered the Prefect size:

  • Wall art print asking “What exactly is the function of a rubber duck?” worth $12
  • A Dumbledore Bubblebar made by Georgia Charms ($5)
  • House-themed artisanal soaps by Soap Pretty ($8)

And honestly, I’m regretting my decision to go cheap, because those additional items are super cool.

My Thoughts

If I had the revenue for it, I’d be subscribing to the Prefect size for life. In the meantime, I’ll just have to wallow in my own self-pity that I’ve missed out on all of the boxes before this, and I’ll be missing out on the others for now.

Subscribing to Accio! a good deal for the price (at least $7 in savings). Also, it’s pretty much the only option if you want most of those items. The only product from that list I could find to buy on its own was the Dumbledore Bubblebar, the others are all exclusives that Accio! was able to get because of their relationship with the crafters. If you are a Harry Potter fan, and you want to seriously collect and use products based on the franchise, I am seriously doubting your decision-making skills if you’re still reading this and haven’t ordered yours yet.

Ready to get your box? Get it as a gift, too, for a loved one you know is obsessed! Now, move your butt over to the website and order now!

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